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Free CLE Training for Attorney’s & Legal Professionals

We offer several CLE approved courses including: “Hiring and Utilizing a Private Investigator in Your Law Practice”, “Locating Hidden Assets – Putting it Back Together Again”, “Ethical Issues Relating to Hiring and Working with Private Investigators”, “Investigative Interviews – An Interrogation By Another Name”.  We are have updated two courses for 2019: “Church Fraud” and “Ethical Issues Relating to Attorney Investigations Using Social Media.”

We offer these classes in a varity of environments, we will come to you or you can come to our offices. Great way for a group to catch up on your required CLE training and it’s FREE! 

Training for Arkansas and Regional Private Investigators

We will teach you how to establish and market your PI business in today’s environment.

Sales and perception are the lifeblood of this market. Investigators have generally evolved from traditional jobs where they worked for a paycheck and didn’t have to worry about marketing and sales. They generally don’t know how to market or what to do to set up a sales or marketing program.

We have partnered with a proven producer of successful business programs to bring you the latest in creating and continuing a successful PI business. Combined we bring you over 60 years experience in both the technical and business aspects that you need to go to the next level.

We offer the following three training services along with customized training to the PI who wants to grow his or her business.

  • Business Secrets for the Successful Private Investigator
  • Establishing your plan
  • Guerrilla Marketing for the PI

Business Secrets for the Successful Private Investigator

Most investigators are not business oriented and are used to earning just enough to get by. We’ll change that for you with proved methods that can bring in $100,000, $200,000 or $300,000 a YEAR! Programs designed just for you!

We help you:

  • Develop a successful business plan
  • Implement that plan
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Identify your unique selling proposition
  • Identify your niche market that aligns with your strengths
  • Market your services
  • Identify and get to the decision makers
  • Present your services in a way that speaks to your market
  • Close the sale
  • Conducting a proper investigation
  • Putting your results on paper
  • Satisfy your client
  • Bringing them back for more
  • Establishing your plan

Most PI’s think of establishing your plan as simply taking their years of experience as police officers/investigator’s and then obtaining a license, followed by placing a ‘shingle’ at the front door. In years past, this might have worked, but in today’s competitive environment, it’s a different story. You need to know how to establish a viable business plan, make contacts, sell yourself, learn your prospect, provide service, follow-up and retain your client.

We help you:

  • Evaluation of your identity
  • Establish a niche service
  • Create a process for developing a business plan
  • Review your plan
  • Learn effective methods of advertising

Guerrilla Marketing for the PI

Learn what tactics work. If you are relying on an ad in the telephone book to bring you success, you are missing the point. There are plenty of competitors out there that will underbid you and provide the same services you provide. There are plenty of competitors out there that are as qualified as you are. What does it take to get the advantage on them and bring in more business than they do? That is what we talk about. We will provide one-on-one or group training services that are individualized for your particular situation. Start with the very basic steps and progress up to redesigning your identity in a very competitive business so that you increase your revenue and get a step ahead of everyone else.

We help you

  • Understand basic guerrilla marketing concepts
  • Learn what will make you successful
  • Know some of the pitfalls
  • Develop ideas that will help your revenue grow

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