Surveillance Services

Our job is to find the answers you need.

We provide surveillance for Infidelity Investigations, Worker’s Comp Investigations and Personal Injury Investigations. We have specialized equipment for surveillance, video and photography.

Our investigations provide you with all available video and photographs, and a complete, concise report.


  • Know what the real truth is
  • Get answers to your most personal questions
  • Recover money from false claims
  • Deter future false claims
  • Protect your personal safety
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Build a solid case

Our Services:

  • Find information to help your case
  • Covert surveillance
  • Locate witnesses
  • Discreet observation
  • GPS tracking

We have equipment to get the answers you want:

  • Night-time surveillance
  • Low light situations
  • Surveillance vehicles
  • A variety of cameras and other related devices

We provide you:

  • Discreet and covert services so you have the tactical advantage
  • We use a variety of the latest covert cameras and audio recording devices to get the best results possible
  • Ethical, professional and competent attention to your case
  • Clear, consistent and understandable reports that point out all the relevant issues
  • 24-hour-a day access

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