Laboratory Testing

We have this down to a science.

Laboratory testing can answer many of your questions. Ever found the strange pair of panties under a bed or a strange cigarette butt in the car? People want to know what’s going on; and we can help.

Get answers from items that are easily available: chewing gum, cigarette butts, condoms, envelopes, toothbrushes, and many other materials. Minimal costs and in minimal time! 

We will provide you quick and reliable answers by experts due to our partnership with a known and recognized forensic laboratory.

You get fast service, conducted by people who know how to collect specimens and examinations conducted by experienced forensic technicians. We’ll provide the test-kits when necessary and we’ll handle all the details.

We provide notarized reports and experts are available for testimony if necessary.


Our Services:

  • Find and recover evidence and samples
  • Package and submit samples to laboratory
  • Provide complete report of findings
  • Paternity test


  • Knowing the answers to your questions means you now can make definitive plans.
  • Know what the real truth is
  • Get answers to your most personal questions
  • Get accurate test results

We provide you:

  • Discreet and covert services so you have the tactical advantage
  • We use the latest forensic technology to get accurate results
  • Ethical, professional and competent attention to your case
  • Clear, consistent and understandable reports that point out all the relevant issues
  • 24-hour-a day access

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