Crime Scene Investigations

You deserve to know the facts.

If a senior (non-law enforcement) official gained access to a crime scene, was it properly recorded? Did the police report explain the reason? Having a Mayor or prosecutor enter a scene can result in a witness that you might not have expected.

You should be aware of problems relating to the protection of evidence. What methods did the law enforcement investigators use when they seized or analyzed the computer they seized from your client? Many agencies don’t have an expert available so they use the only officer that knows how to install programs. Having someone that can point out their errors can help your case.

Let us be your advocate:

Crime Scene Investigations require knowledge about the proper way to handle and preserve evidence. As long-term legal investigators, we recognize that many lawyers have not experienced this facet of investigative work under true field conditions and would greatly benefit from an experienced advocate.

Have confidence in your case and evidence.

Utilizing our services will allow you to be confident that a law enforcement investigation was properly conducted. After all, how many times have you reviewed a law enforcement report that was truly unbiased, fully detailed and error free?We want you to know the answer to that question. We know what to look for to help you with your case

You will be able to have a stronger defense that brings justice for your client through:

  • Uncovered or undisclosed evidence at a scene to help your case
  • Knowledge of whether a crime scene has been properly handled by law enforcement
  • Verifiable knowledge of environmental influences to help you determine if evidence was properly protected
  • Well-written reports, clearly conveying details that you can count on

Experience when it counts:

We’ve trained hundreds of investigators on proper crime scene processing methods and recovery of evidence. We can point out their errors for you.

We’ve been hired by prosecutors to audit evidence rooms when police didn’t handle evidence in the proper way. In one local case (State of Arkansas vs. Jay Campbell) we found only four pieces of evidence that were properly controlled out of over 1,490 that had been collected. Wouldn’t that seriously effect your defense case?

We provide you:

  • Prompt and timely attention to your case because we treat every client as if they are our most important client
  • Experienced and professional report writing skills that convey exhaustive details clearly using standardized (and proven) report formats
  • Answers to your pressing questions
  • Complete and thorough services from intake to final disposition of your case
  • Ethical, professional, competent, and innovative investigation and litigation support
  • 24-hour-a day access

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