Jury Consulting

jury counseling

Don’t leave your case to dumb luck.

The earlier we are able to assist you, the greater the opportunity you will have to address your concerns and possibly resolve the legal matter before the start of trial.

Selecting a jury by pulling a name out of a hat and hoping for the best is just not the way to successfully litigate a case. We all know that painstaking research and preparation is what it takes to be successful.

You don’t want a victim of a violent crime or a strong advocate for the death penalty on a jury panel when you are defending a murder suspect. You don’t want people with doctorate degrees or law enforcement experience on a jury panel in cases involving complex evidence or expert witness testimony against your client. The people who are selected to sit on the jury panel will be the ultimate decision makers determining whether your client is innocent or guilty. If you do not take the time to ensure a good jury panel to hear your case, you have already put a negative strike against your chance of winning.

Laying the interpersonal groundwork for victory with the jury.

When dealing with a jury, attorneys must remember that lay persons almost always see the cases differently than lawyers do. Facts and evidence that the attorney feels are crucial to the case may not mean anything to the jury panel. Making assumptions about how the jury will react or decide upon an issue without research and information is more often wrong than right. People’s personal life experiences or morals and beliefs may cause them to have a totally different reaction to evidence than what most people would assume and knowing this information before trial is often the difference between a solid and strong victory and a crushing, humiliating defeat.

Some of our jury consulting services include:

  • Extensive case analysis focusing on the issues that jurors are most likely to notice and emphasize
  • Observation of jurors; including, but not limited to: body language, reaction to information and general behavior in the courtroom
  • Voir dire questions directed to get the most information from a prospective juror in a short amount of time
  • Jury questionnaires devised to learn as much as possible about the potential juror’s life experiences, political beliefs, religious beliefs, views about the justice system and ethical and moral beliefs
  • Juror background research
  • Jury profiling
  • Opening argument assessments
  • Community Attitude Surveys in the jurisdiction of the case to see what the general assumption of that geographical area is on such matters
  • Coordination of mock trial & mock jury panel
  • Focus group coordination and research providing information from various individuals outside of the legal system and insight as to how a “lay person” might view issues in the case
  • Analysis of media impact on case / providing information on the amount of media exposure a case has endured and how that exposure has affected people’s perception of the case
  • Case strength and weakness evaluation
  • Opening and closing statement analysis
  • Trial progress evaluation
  • Post trial juror interviews to see what influenced the jurors to make the decision in the case. This information is helpful for future cases of the same nature
  • Witness assessment research
  • Witness preparation consultation


  • Knowing your jury
  • Assurance that every juror is really who and what they claim to be
  • Knowledge of when jurors take liberties outside their scope
  • Help for your case by knowing if a juror is violating the Judge’s behavioral instructions
  • Well-written reports, clearly conveying verified details that you can count on

We provide you:

  • Prompt and timely attention to your case because we treat every client as if they are our most important client
  • Experienced and professional report writing skills that convey exhaustive details clearly using standardized (and proven) report formats
  • Answers to your pressing questions
  • Complete and thorough services from intake to final disposition of your case
  • Ethical, professional, competent, and innovative investigation and litigation support
  • 24-hour-a day access

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