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 We can help you find answers to your questions about Cold Cases and Unresolved Investigations.

Cold cases are reported incidents of crime that were not solved during the initial investigation. These cases are, typically, fairly old and include homicides, reported suicides, rapes, missing persons and a variety of other incidents. Some of the cold cases we investigate include:


Some of the cold cases we investigate include:

  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Police Brutality
  • Abuse of Authority
  • Sex Crimes (Rape)
  • Suicide
  • Missing Persons
  • Missing Assets

Are you still waiting for justice or at least some type of resolution to your complaint to law enforcement?

A majority of cases are not resolved. For example, the Arkansas State Police (Arkansas Crime Statistics – ACIC 2016) reports the solved rates in Arkansas for crimes against property resulted in only 21.4% solved by arrest and crimes against persons resulted in only 27.5% solved by arrest. 

In 2013, the national clearance rate for homicides was 64 percent, and it’s far lower for other violent offenses and property crimes.  (

We can help get you get the answers you deserve through:

  • Dedicated investigative efforts
  • DNA Evidence Collection
  • New Approaches to Cold Cases
  • Advanced Logical Structures to Build New Leads
  • Re-Profiling Using New Evaluation Methods
  • Hard Work and Dedication

We review old investigative files, case histories, photographs, illustrations, checklists, and focus on fundamentals while providing a strong, practical process for the investigation.

We combine proven techniques from forensics, psychology, and criminal investigation to get those answers.  We focus on technologies that may not have been available at the time of the crime or that were overlooked by investigators. 

Has a law enforcement investigation slacked off, been put on the back burner or simply forgotten because of inattention or incompetence? Contact Arkansas Investigations to give you answers and help bring out the truth. With 65 years of combined experience in private investigation and law enforcement, our investigators are top professionals.

We offer two main options for finding answers to your dilemma; case review and immediate investigation.

First, we can gather and review all of the available reports and other details about your case and render an opinion as to the viability of further investigation. This option reduces costs and gives you an unbiased review of the available information and a review of the investigative process to determine if its worth your time and money to proceed. The cost of this is credited to your overall fee if you decide to proceed. This option is selected by approximatley 60% of our clients.

Secondly, we can be engaged to look into the matter when you have decided that the previous investigative efforts were lacking and you know in your heart that more could have and should have been done. This option is chosen by approximately 40% of our clients and starts the investigative process immediately when there is no time to lose.

Our trained professionals will review all the old evidence, talk to all the witnesses, read all the reports, and examine all the photographs from your case with fresh eyes. Our goal is to find that clue that was overlooked or disregarded. We are private investigators and as such, we are not bound by some of the rules that law enforcement must follow.  We can interview witnesses who were reluctant, for many reasons, to speak to law enforcement but will speak to us because we are not “authority”.  We are not required to provide Miranda warnings to individuals and we do not threaten but instead we use proven techniques to obtain information.  We will interview witnesses who were not interviewed initially and we will re-interview those who were previously interviewed either by law enforcement or investigators. Sometimes investigators overlook asking the right questions during the initial inquiry. The ability to have a second look never hurts and it may result in new information. Sometimes the best solution is to use good old-fashioned “gum-shoe” investigative techniques which includes getting out in the field and speaking with people rather than sitting behind a desk.

In today’s environments, law enforcement has been overburdened with new cases, restrictive budgets declining staff and responding to violent crimes.  They are going to work on the new cases as they come in with fresh leads and easy arrests. The old cases get older and eventually forgotten in a file drawer in the back room.  Sometimes these cases become so old that the original officer is no longer on the department or has moved to another area.  Sometimes they get lucky and a new tip comes in but that doesn’t happen often. If a new tip does come in a law enforcement officer who has never worked on the case and does not know anything about it and has to re-familiarize themselves with the case and has to start all over.

Law enforcement officers and police detectives are in the business of enforcing the law, which they do very well. We, however, are in the business of solving your case and getting answers to your questions

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