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Arkansas Investigations provides a variety of forensic evaluation and analysis services for individuals and legal professionals. Those services include processing and analysis of digital devices and cell phones, downloads of cell phone data, retrieval and recovery of hidden, hard-to-locate or deleted data from computers, recovery and production of email accounts, social media accounts and messaging services, online storage services, including G-Suite and Office 365, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Yahoo, etc.

We do offer emergency services and offer a variety of options regarding payment and priority services.

Our findings are available for use in Commercial Law, Employment Law Litigation, Theft of Intellectual Property cases, Marital Law, Child Custody cases, Criminal cases and Fraud cases. Our experienced investigators provide complex, technical findings understandable to any audience, including judges and juries. We offer technical advice involving complex computer related security issues.

Our Services:

  • Forensic Imaging of digital media
  • Forensic Analysis of digital media
  • Data Recovery from digital media (i.e. Accidentally deleted photo’s, overwritten files)
  • Witness statements
  • Vulnerability studies and analysis
  • Defense services: Identify investigative deficiencies
  • Defense services: Analyze investigative plans
  • Defense services: Evaluate police findings
  • Defense services: Evaluate investigator credentials
  • Defense services: Render opinion of investigative sufficiency
  • Defense services: Witness interviews and statements


  • The ability to have computers examined for pornography, hidden messages or manipulation
  • The ability to know who is sending those text messages
  • Reduction of sabotage to your business from an employee manipulating computer data
  • Ability to analyze various forms of storage data (CD/DVD, tapes, hard drives) to identify evidence
  • Concise and complete interpretive reports that clearly explaining findings

Experience when it counts:

Analysis is provided by a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CCFE), a designation issued by the Information Assurance Certification Review Board (IACRB). We have also taught and developed computer forensic courses for several companies and law enforcement agencies. We are experienced, and we know where to go to get quality and economically-affordable help to solving your problems. We’re using the most current forensic software and are certified in their use.

We have experience uncovering the disgruntled employee who takes out his anger at being passed over for promotion by hacking into the system and limiting everyone else’s access. They can even wipe out financial and client data after changing administration passwords. This is illegal and a big problem for which business pay millions of dollars per year to protect against. The problem is that most law enforcement agencies cannot dedicate the necessary resources to help business prevent these problems. We can.

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