How Do Private Investigators Help Locate a Missing Person?

JULY 15, 2019

how do private investigators locate missing person

Missing persons cases are not so cut-and-dry when it comes to trying to gather all the facts surrounding the disappearance of the victim. It’s often difficult to know where to start because the missing person is reported by someone else-a family member, a friend, or even a co-worker. This means that private investigators can only go off of what ideas, theories, and otherwise second-hand information about the unfortunate circumstances. The good thing, however, is that private investigators can utilize their professional resources to start with whatever information they have in order to start the search for the missing person, immediately. Unlike the police, we don’t have to wait a certain amount of time before we consider someone missing. If you call us to utilize our services, then we will start working on the case for you. In cases such as these, time is one of the most precious resources. With that said, you might be wondering how private investigators can help you locate a missing person.

Search Places They May Be

All missing persons cases are different. Sometimes, people voluntarily run away, which can put family and friends in a panic. Say for example your teenager runs away. They might not have many resources to get very far, so it’s possible they will frequent places their friends hang out around town. Private investigators can help by monitoring these locations regularly, as they may spot the missing person and help bring them home. 

In other circumstances, a person may be missing because they got hurt and weren’t able to be identified. There are a number of places they may be, from hospitals to mortuaries, or trapped somewhere on the side of the road. There are a number of possibilities when it comes to finding  a missing person that a professional will be able to help sort through and examine. 


Investigate Social Record

One of the most telling signs of a person’s whereabouts will come from who they’ve talked to and what was said. In the age of technology, a lot of these conversations play out digitally, through screens. This makes cell phones, computers, and social media valuable resource in investigating and locating a person. By figuring out who was last in contact with the person who’s missing, we can identify where they may have gone, who they may be traveling to see, or even potential suspects connected to the missing persons case. From there, investigations can be made into those suspects, interviews can be conducted, and at the very least, we will have a trail to begin following. 


Interview Potential Witnesses 

Not every missings persons case is involuntary, which means not every case will involve suspects that are responsible for kidnapping a victim. However, most cases will involve a slew of witnesses that will be useful in investigating the disappearance. Witnesses can provide all kinds of helpful information, from actually seeing someone leave without returning to disclosing information about the individual’s mood, any changes in behavior, and so on. This will give private investigators an idea of the person’s state of mind and what they may have been thinking at the time of their disappearance. 

Hiring an investigator is helpful in missing persons cases in many ways; from not wasting time looking, to being able to utilize different resources to get as much information as possible, it can be a big help in uncovering the truth.

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