What’s the Role of a Private Investigator in a Custody Battle?

JUNE 15, 2019

Private investigator in Custody Battle

Hiring a Private Investigator in Child Custody Battle 

Child custody battles are high pressure cases for everyone involved. While the child’s (or children’s) best interests are taken into consideration to guide the case, it isn’t always clear as to what they are. When you have multiple parties involved arguing opposing sides and distorting the facts, things can get really messy. If there are suspicions that a child is living in an unsafe environment, their wellbeing is compromised, or that a parent is unfit to continue caring for the child, then we have to acquire evidence, quickly. 

A private investigator can collect evidence objectively and discreetly in order to help you obtain custody over the child in danger. Through the help of a private investigator, you can make a report based on facts and evidence, not just suspicions alone. This will help you win  the custody hearing in court. So, exactly what role will they play in a child custody battle? 


Surveillance Parent’s Activity 

A very difficult scenario we’ve seen play out in different ways is when someone suspects their own family member of being unable to care for their own child. One example is when a parent is battling drug or alcohol addiction, both of which can result in violence and the inability to care for a child. In situations like these, it’s critical to find different, suitable living arrangements for the child. However, it can be hard to get the parent(s) to admit to their addictions. A private investigator has the equipment and skills necessary to surveillance the parent or caretaker to gather evidence on their drug or alcohol usage.  


Conduct Background Investigations

Picture this: you just went through a divorce and are sharing custody with your ex-spouse. Maybe you don’t trust their ability to parent, which contributed to the divorce. Maybe it isn’t them you’re worried about, but instead their new significant other who your kids have raised concerns about. Whatever the reason, you do not feel comfortable sending your children over to your ex-spouse’s house anymore. 

In a situation like this, a private investigator can use background investigations to look into who your kids are around when you aren’t present. We can reveal if they have a criminal background, discover if they’re dangerous to be around, or if they’ve done things that could pose a risk to your child’s overall safety. 


Validate Your Suspicions

It isn’t enough for an investigator to look into these cases and stop; the biggest role we play is validating your concerns through evidence and helping you win custody when the battle plays out in court. We do this by accurately documenting what we learn during our investigation, which provides you with everything you need to organize an argument against the child’s current caretaker. 

It is so difficult not to let our emotions get the best of us when it comes to children being neglected, abused, and improperly cared for. Hiring a private investigator in cases like these can help you think clearly and express your concerns coherently, based off of facts and evidence uncovered about the child’s caretaker.

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