How to Hire a Private Investigator

MAY 15, 2019

How to Hire a Private Investigator

Okay, so you have found yourself in a situation where you’ve decided you need to hire a Little Rock private investigator. There’s one problem though…where do you even begin looking for one? Hiring a private investigator, whether for your personal life or business matters, can seem like you’re entering the realm of a mystery-crime novel. You’re probably not going to look to your friends and family for a recommendation, like you would for dinner or movie suggestions. Instead, you’ll probably want to do your own research and keep your needs on the downlow. We understand; our work typically centers around the need to uncover things quitely, without everyone knowing. 

But, if you’ve never used our services before, how will you know you’re working with someone you can trust? Here are some things to look for (and what to avoid) before you hire a private investigator.

Don’t Make Decisions Based Off Price Alone

Choosing any service based off of price alone is usually a mistake; the most expensive service can be a major rip off, while the cheapest usually results in the “you get what you pay for” kind of circumstance. No matter what the price, if something seems too good to be true or too over the top to make sense, trust your gut. Chances are, something is amiss, and not worth taking a risk on. You should do a little bit of research on the average price people pay for private detective services; if someone quotes you for too low or too high away from an average threshold, be prepared to ask questions about why. What makes them so special to deviate from a standard cost? 


Ask Your Private Investigator Questions

Don’t assume that because someone is a private investigator, they’ll be a good fit for you. Many investigators specialize in certain areas, or have more experience with different types of cases rather than others. Obviously, you’re hiring someone who will solve your case. Be prepared to ask questions about their strengths, the types of cases they’ve solved, and some of the general techniques they use to do so. You can learn a lot about them through their answers, as well as get an idea if they’re someone you’ll want to business with.


Read Reviews and Testimonials 

You might not phone a friend to ask about the last private investigator they hired, but you can still read written reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Looking at what other people have said about a business will give you an idea of their work ethic, reputation, and more. If someone is receiving a lot of praise, then that’s a good sign they will do a good job on your case as well. It will also provide information into the types of cases they’ve solved; if they’ve had past success with a case similar to yours, that can be an important factor in your final decision. 


Make Sure You Verify Credentials

The last thing you should do, for your own peace of mind, is to verify any credentials or licenses a business claims to have. In short, make sure a business is legitimate before conducting any type of transaction with them. If something seems sketchy, you should trust your gut because many times, it will be. Someone who is verified and legitimate won’t mind you digging into their professional past and history; after all, uncovering information about others is their job, too.

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