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October 20, 2019

finger prints in cold case investigations

Most people don’t realize that Sterling conducts private business investigations which provides several types of investigative services that focus on businesses and how they can protect their integrity, their net worth and their future.

In today’s environment businesses are particularly prone to fall victim to crimes unique to businesses. According to the most recent REPORT TO THE NATIONS, 2018 GLOBAL STUDY ON OCCUPATIONAL FRAUD AND ABUSE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) businesses lose over $7 BILLION each year in total losses. The median loss for small businesses is over $200,000. Can you afford to lose $200,000? And still remain in business? 

A recent case in Cabot, Arkansas occurred over several years and the losses reportedly exceeded $500,000. Having half a million dollars would throw most businesses into bankruptcy. Are you next?


What you can do to help prevent frauds:

  • Conduct background investigations on all employees that could have any contact with your finances, invoicing, payroll, payouts, etc.
  • Conduct follow-up background investigations on employees after they have been with you for two years (by this time they know how to work around your system).
  • BE personally involved in your business and the financial operation. Even though you hired someone to handle the finances you have the absolute right to oversee and get involved in EVERY aspect.
  • Insist that anyone handling finances take at least 2 weeks a year away from the office. During that time have someone else fill in for that employee. Irregularities are often identified during this period.  
  • Have a threat assessment conducted on your business by a Certified Fraud Examiner to help you to identify issues that might allow thefts and fraud.


We offer a variety of business related investigative services including:

  • Background investigations for new employees
  • Background updates for current employees
  • Vulnerability studies
  • Client diversion (former employees stealing clients)
  • Fraud investigations including employee theft
    • Misappropriation
    • Expense account fraud
    • Account diversion
    • Payroll manipulation
    • Theft of proprietary information, 
  • Trademark investigations
  • Business secrets theft (theft of proprietary information)
  • And More!

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