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Through custody battles to divorces, we providence evidence in difficult times.

After hiring a different private investigator who was recommended by my attorney and while involved in a divorce/custody battle filled with lies and deception, I felt helpless. When your private investigator is deterred by a gated apartment entrance and cameras you have a problem. I ended up with all my money gone and most importantly without custody of my child.

Thank God I’m not one that gives up very easily. Determined to clear my name and get my child in the right home was not an option I stumbled upon Tasha Sims at Arkansas Investigations. By no means are they the cheapest around, but you get what you pay for. Within the first hour of surveillance, I knew more than the first investigator provided in 5 months. They kept me informed at all times. They captured events with video and took pictures which were provided immediately. They even stayed late while my 3 year old was left unattended in order to make sure she was not in harm’s way.

Thanks to Arkansas Investigations and Tasha Sims, the four surveillance trips were provided in a report to my attorney who filed for an immediate change of custody through an emergency hearing. I was awarded custody of my child. I could not be more thankful or appreciative to Tasha Sims and Arkansas Investigations.


Little Rock, AR

I believe Arkansas Investigations is by far the best in the business. I hired several private investigators and I was unable to get any usable information for my custody case from them prior to finding Michael and his team. Michael took my case, he took my calls all hours of the night, he was extremely responsive when opportunity presented itself for last minute evidence collection, and most importantly Michael and his team got the job done when no one else could for me. This is by far the best money I have ever spent on my custody battle. Michaels willingness to work along side me was amazing! The evidence collected at key times in this report, usually last minute, have enabled me to tie so much other evidence together and prove the true nature of life for my daughter while in Arkansas. This would have been impossible to prove had Michael not been so detailed and responsive to my needs. I cannot thank the team at Arkansas Investigations enough, their work completely changed the course of my custody battle.


Name withheld pending Court

Michael West of Arkansas Investigations was an intrigal part in my son obtaining custody of his three children. Within days of the first contact, Michael was in our town and within hours of arriving, he was able to take excellent photos of exactly what we needed for an upcoming custody hearing. In fact, they were so good that the defendant in the case, after finding out about the pictures, declined to go before the Judge and the divorce/custody/settlement was finalized….BUSTED!!

Expert legal representation and expert private investigation are expensive, but when custody counts, NOTHING is more important. I would highly recommend Michael West for any type of investigation. Michael and my son’s attorney were worth every penny.

I am withholding my name ONLY because of an agreement made between the parties. I would proudly proclaim my name and show his findings if I could.


Malvern, AR

My son was confronted with the extremely difficult task of receiving custody of his daughter in a divorce. Mile West was able to compile overwhelming factual information that allowed my son to negotiate a divorce settlement favorable to him and receive unchallenged Physical Custody of his daughter. Courts recognize fact and fact only. Mike was able to produce mountains of such facts. The investigative means he used were quite impressive. Additionally, he was easy to work with during our time of stress.

We initially hired an investigator that was 1/3rd the hourly cost of Mike. However, results were non existent. We then hired Michael West to reverse this trend and he did. So, if results are what you desire than Michael West is your Man.

If I ever have a future need for investigative services, I know who I intend to call, Mike.

Leslie V. Chalfant

Cabot, AR

I unexpectedly received a notice in the mail about some funds that were left in an account by my late father. The “firm” that contacted me wanted to charge around 30% of the value of the account to return the funds to me, which could have been located in any banking institution across the United States. I contacted Michael West to do some digging for me and the account was located very quickly. In less than a week, I had the check in hand for the full value of the account ($66,890). I highly recommend Arkansas Investigations!


Little Rock, AR

Two years ago I was a very different person. A naïve, and trusting wife to who I thought was a hardworking husband. Over some time he started acting more and more distant toward our children and I. I was left thinking what did I do? Then one evening after asking him over and over what was wrong, he came to me and told me he didn’t love me the same after two decades together. I was devastated but had a feeling. I was scared and worried, but hiring Tasha and her team was the best decision and investment I ever made. She very discreetly found the truth I deserved that helped me find my worth. Discovering that your spouse is not who they say they are is the worst betrayal in ones life. However, finding out about his infidelities and double life, gave me the confirmation I needed to divorce him and his lies. Thank you Tasha and team at Arkansas Investigators. I will be forever grateful.  


August 2016:  I was lost when my wife asked me for a divorce.   As a military member, I was 12 hours away from family and friends; geographically separated from the very people that I would normally turn to for advice and support.  I had vague concerns about the motivation behind my wife’s sudden desire to end the marriage, but I didn’t quite know where to start.  I came across Arkansas Investigation during an internet search, and, not long after, was sitting in Michael West’s office pouring my heart out.  From the start, Michael West took me under his wing and gave me sound direction and advice in preparation for the divorce and the custody battle that would ultimately follow.   You see, this is what distinguishes Michael West from other investigators.  Michael doesn’t just do the minimum necessary to earn your fee; Michael listens to your story and then works with you to identify your goals and helps you achieve them.  Michael’s expert guidance and assistance didn’t extend just to the investigative process.  As the divorce process progressed, Michael also referred me to attorney Bonnie Robertson for representation.  Fast forward 8 months later, my divorce is final and I was awarded full legal and physical custody of my children.   Michael West was instrumental in leading me to a positive outcome in this situation.  He was spot on with all recommendations, he was timely, he always answered his phone, he skillfully anticipated the direction my case would take and made sure I had the information necessary for a successful outcome.  I trust Michael West and recommend him without reservation.   Thanks to Michael, I will leave Arkansas for my next military assignment WITH my children.  Just doesn’t get any better than that, ever!!!!!

Withheld for Privacy


When I began my quest to get custody of my daughter I had an insurmountable task. I hired Arkansas Investigations to help me gain evidence and obtain custody, despite the uphill battle. I had initially hired a private investigator who charged me a low fee. Looking for a bargain, I didn’t realize you get what you pay for. A month later and no evidence to help me at all. I took my attorney’s recommendation and hired Michael West, owner of Arkansas Investigations. Over the next several months he obtained enough evidence where my ex-wife capitulated and I walked out of the courtroom a victor.

What really impressed me was his creative approach to the investigation. He was always willing to respond to my needs, often on short notice. There were several occasions when I would call late at night and he was always available to me.

He was able to help select the best witnesses for my case and eliminate those that were not effective. His reports (excluding videos and photographs) was an impressive 269 pages in length. It was very readable and concise, including a table of contents, table of figures and a detailed index. Looking at any of the many events and incidents this lengthy investigation was a breeze using his report style.

I highly recommend Arkansas Investigations for any of your investigative needs. He was great to work with and will do the same for you.

Les Chalfant

Jacksonville, AR

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