What to Know About Investigative Services & Your Business

JULY 15, 2019

What to Know About Investigative Services & Your Business

The idea of investigative services will often bring to mind a sneaky-looking detective wearing a long coat and holding a magnifying glass, but the reality is that investigative services are much more practical to everyday circumstances. We don’t just hide out in vans with surveillance equipment, waiting to snap photos of a suspect. Sure, a detective could be a sleuthy, shadowy figure lurking around corners, but they can also be of value to your business when it comes to hiring employees.

What Can Investigative Services Do for Business?

Your business may conduct standard background checks or pre-employment screenings, but just how good are they? What do you really learn about the people you decide to hire with said screenings? Are these screenings taken seriously? When it comes to hiring new employees, you have to look past the words on their resume; you have to look into who they are as real individuals, in order to make the right decisions about who you decide to trust with your business. Otherwise, the consequences can be dire. They could turn out to be thieves, violent offenders, and all kinds of trouble. Here are a couple of things to know about investigative services and how they can help your business avoid trouble.


Prevent Situations You’ll Be Held Liable For

Investigative services can provide your business with extensive, not-so-average background checks and pre-employment screenings. This is beneficial because it means you’re getting the entire story of an individual’s past all before you make your decision on whether or not to hire them. This will help to prevent any illegal situations that may play out as a cause of hiring the wrong person. If something happens because of your employee, your business will have no choice but to be involved with the lawsuit or investigation. Do you really want your business’ name tarnished as a result of neglecting a thorough background check? Of course not! 


Hire the Right People

Because investigative services will help you weed out the applicants you shouldn’t be hiring, it also means you’ll know which ones are a perfect fit for the job. Background checks prevent risky situations, but they also bring to light which applicants are best suited for the job and who have a clear background check you won’t have to worry about. When you spend a little money to conduct detailed pre-employment screenings, you will hire the right people the first time around. This decreases the likelihood of having to fire individuals and then go through the entire process all over again. So, even if you have to spend a little money upfront, employee retention rate will increase, thus saving your business money in the end. 

There is no reason to put your business, your customers, or your other employees at risk when it comes to hiring shady individuals. With investigative services available to you as a resource, you can make sure you’re hiring the best every time. If you want to make sure your pre-employment screenings or background checks are conducted the way they’re supposed to be, give our Little Rock location a call!

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