5 Common Reasons People Use Investigative Services

MAY 15, 2019

5 reasons people use investigative services

We live in a world where lies, distrust, deception, and crime exist. It can be maddening when we have good reason to suspect these things are happening, but have no way to prove our suspicions true on our own. Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a lot of good left in the world, too. It’s common for both businesses and individuals to use investigative services to find justice in deceptive situations, such as these:

1. Uncovering Workplace Fraud

Whether an employee is stealing change out of the cash drawer or embezzling thousands of dollars, investigative services can help bring the thief’s actions to a stop. Through a third-party investigation, you receive an unbiased, strategic breakdown of potential workplace crime. In doing so, the workplace will remain uninterrupted, leaving employees to continue business as usual and the thief without a reason to suspect he is being closely watched. 


2. Finding Family Members or Loved Ones

Investigative services are also used for personal matters, such as finding the location of a loved one. For example, individuals who were adopted as children get older and many times are curious about the whereabouts of their biological parents. Sometimes, they were left with no information, not even names. Likewise, parents who put their children up for adoption sometimes wonder where their child ended up. 

Another example of using an investigation to find a loved one is in missing persons cases. These situations can be grim for those involved; when someone goes missing and there is no clear answer of where they’ve gone, closure is impossible. A detailed investigation can sift through evidence, collect more, and potentially lead to new breaks in the case. 


3. Conduct Background Investigations

Our services can be used to conduct background investigations for both business and personal matters. Employers may want to verify an interviewee’s background before offering them the job. They are used to uncover things like criminal history, education, and vehicle incidents. 


4. Discover Truths in Workplace Claims

We stand firm in the belief that most employees are honest, hard-working people. However, because of our field of work, we have seen a lot of instances where this simply isn’t true. If you have an employee that behaves suspiciously and makes a claim about the workplace, such as an occupational injury, you may want to double-check their story. But, raising concern about an employee’s claim can put you in a bad light. Investigative services can be a good option for this situation because it keeps you separated from the incident.   



5. Investigative Services for Evidence Collection

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of the types of cases investigative services explore. At AR Investigations in Little Rock, clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Every case is unique, involve different people, businesses, and motives. If you’re interested in hiring an investigator, but aren’t sure if we can help your situation, give us a call about a consultation. Chances are, we can help you out.

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