4 Ways Investigative Services Are Used to Detect Fraud

JUNE 15, 2019

Investigative Services Are Used to Detect Fraud

Fraud refers to any intentionally deceiving act, where someone falsely represents a product, claim; ultimately, the truth is concealed in some way in order to benefit unfairly and illegally, whether financially, materialistically, or for other reasons. Fraud comes in many different forms, like identity theft or filing false insurance claims. Any form of fraud can be detrimental to a business, organization, or individual. Furthermore, it can be challenging and intimidating to figure out how to prove fraudulent activity took place, and that it wasn’t committed by you. 

One way to prove your (or another’s) innocence in situations like these are by utilizing investigative services. Investigators do more than snap photos of thieves and cheating spouses; they can help detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Once fraud is suspected, an investigation is opened to find and collect evidence for the case. How do investigative services do this? There are many methods used to do so; here are four common ways.

1. Monitor Suspect’s Behavior 

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to take preventative measures against fraud. This could mean shredding financial documents, such as credit card statements, and making sure confidential information of any kind doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Despite protective measures, fraudulent activity is a real threat that does occur. The first step after detecting it, is to figure out who’s committing the crime. 

Imagine you have an employee intentionally milking the clock on a regular basis. They don’t punch out for lunch, they take longer breaks than allowed, and often lie about when they left work for the day. This employee is accruing a lot of pay for work they haven’t done. An investigator can help monitor this employee’s behavior to catch them in the act, without them noticing or being suspicious that they’re being watched. 


2. Interview Potential Witnesses 

Catching someone in the act is not going to be possible unless you are stealthy about it. If they even begin to suspect they are going to get caught, they can put on their best behavior until you’re tricked into thinking your suspicions were wrong all along. That’s one reasons investigative services are beneficial in these circumstances; we can help interview potential witnesses and leave you to your normal job duties. This will prevent any irregularities in the workplace, allowing for an investigation to be carried out without risk of being compromised. Our investigators can conduct interviews without pointing fingers, so we get the information we need to work the case, without revealing names or identities.  


3. Pilfer Through Evidence

Your job doesn’t stop just because an employee is stealing from your company in some way, whether by cheating the system or outright taking things that don’t belong to them. This just gets added on to the evergrowing list of things you have to do during the workday. Investigative services allow you to go about your day-to-day job because an investigator sorts through the evidence for you. After thorough surveillance, interviews, and such, they can make sense of their findings or look for discrepancies in employee activity. This sets you up for success when it comes to confronting the accused and bringing the fraudulent activity to an end. 


4. Investigative Services to Win a Trial

Now that you have a comprehensive case built against the employee engaging in fraudulent activities, you’ll be prepared to take it to the authorities. Firing the employee won’t be enough to get your money back from the crimes they committed. It can be hard to prove their wrongdoing without substantial evidence; otherwise, it’s your word against theirs. Investigative services help by using professional methods to find the truth, so there’s no room for the accused to deny the claims you make against them. 

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