Insurance Fraud Investigations

October 20, 2019

finger prints in cold case investigations

Conducting an insurance fraud investigation is one of the more exciting types of investigations we do for a variety of reasons. We generally get to use some type of clandestine method which causes us to creative an innovative and we like that. Most investigators hate working on fraud cases. Not us! We love them.

A lot of consideration goes into the methods used depending on the client and this is why you should hire someone that knows what they are doing (a professional insurance fraud investigator).

The types of clients usually fit into one of several general categories. They may be individuals who have been victimized by professional fraudsters and conned out of thousands of dollars or other property. They may be insurance companies who have been experiencing a rash of suspiciously similar claims by someone who has been injured repeatedly. A business owner may have experienced suspicious downturns in revenue or a loss of clients over a period after an employee has been fired or has created fake vendor accounts and paying themselves using fake names. A typical client might also be an attorney who has already been hired by one of the previous categories and needs answers for court. 

First of all, we have to understand what fraud is. It’s not always a bookworm with a visor lurking over a set of books (although that has happened) but its common everyday people stealing and manipulating for personal gain. As the only investigative agency in Arkansas that has Certified Fraud Examiners as their senior staff, we know what fraud is. We know how to identify and correct it. Generally, your average law enforcement officers can’t (and don’t) recognize what fraud is. To them it’s someone stealing your credit card and using it. They just don’t get it. This is why you should hire a professional fraud investigator to help you protect what rightfully belongs to you.   

We have written training programs, taught hundreds of students how to investigate fraud, investigated fraud cases where losses were in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars lost, testified in court about our findings and help recover money taken by fraudsters. We don’t charge for a consultation and we’d be honored to assist you.

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