How to Use Investigative Services for Online Infidelity

APRIL 15, 2019

online infidelity

But when you’re in a relationship, it can become a source of uncertainty, leaving you wondering why your significant other is on their social media accounts so much. It’s no secret that these online platforms have led to infidelity, cheating, and broken relationships.

Maybe that’s why you’re here. If you have a feeling that your significant other is being dishonest when it comes to their internet use, it’s time to act. Investigative services can help you figure out exactly what’s going on through the screen, so you have the proof you need to confront your S.O.

Look into Computer History

Investigative services offer the ability to search computers and find information that will be relative to your case situation. This includes searching browser history, recovering potential deleted files, finding hidden/disguised files, and monitoring social media usage. We have the resources available to dig deep and the time needed to do so to find any possible evidence that would point to a cheating partner. For example, we know that it’s possible to delete browsing history, but still have remembered phrases show up in search fields on search engines. Plus, deleted browser history can potentially be recovered. If you suspect your partner of cheating online or using social media to flirt with other people, we can find out using our investigative services to examine their internet usage.

Be Alert to Screen Behavior

There are, of course, some things you can do at home to help us strengthen the results of our investigative services. When you can give us a detailed account of what your partner has done to make you suspect their infidelity, we know what to prioritize when monitoring their behavior. One thing you can do is pay attention to their screen behaviors while at home or when you are around them.

When you enter the room does your significant other exit web pages quickly? Do they try to inconspicuously shield their phone screen while typing out messages onto it? Did they change passwords that you had previously known, without letting you know the new one? If your S.O. starts exhibiting out-of-the-ordinary behavior, make note of the things you notice.

Increased Technology Use

These days, it’s probably considered weird not to have a social media account rather than the latter. Still, it can disconcerting to be involved with someone who suddenly begins using their tech-devices on a much more frequent basis than before. It can make you start to wonder what (or who) has peaked their interest so much. Using investigative services can help you make sense of this increased technology use. We can monitor their activity, which can be of utmost importance to your case if they’re spending time online into the late nighttime hours.

Think your S.O. is engaging in online infidelity? If you’re ready to stop speculating and figure out if your concerns are truly valid, call us about our investigative services. We will get to work on your case straight-away, so you can stop stressing.

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