When is time to hire a criminal investigator?

October 20, 2019

finger prints in cold case investigations

This is a topic that we have written about and published in several trade related publications and a topic that is deal to our hearts. 

This is one of the most significant decisions a private individual, a business owner or a attorney has to address. A good investigator can often be the difference between a favorable and profitable or a dismal outcome.

When is time to hire a criminal investigator?

First of all: Do not delegate this process to any subordinate or individual who isn’t a decision maker or to anyone what has little or no experience. 

Put most simply the time to hire an investigator (for a criminal or civil issue) is when you have unanswered questions. Maybe you need to find someone who can clarify a question. Maybe it’s someone that could be a witness in an automobile accident. Maybe it’s someone that can help you find a lost family member who you were concerned about. Maybe you need to clarify an issue and you have a court date coming up soon. Maybe you have been victim to a theft or fraud. All of these are good reasons for needing an investigator and there’s hundreds more reasons. Our job is to find information. If you noticed our trademarked logo “We Find Answers” you see our purpose for being right there. That’s what we do, regardless of the problem you are having. 

People often go to an attorney to get an answer. Ever think about who the attorney goes to when they need answers? That’s right: they come to us. Attorneys are great when it comes to asking questions in a courtroom. But they are terrible at interviewing and eliciting information from people. Over my many years of investigating crimes and civil issues I have met less than 3 or maybe 4 attorneys that I have seen conduct a good quality interview. They have no training and generally they have no formal training in professional interviewing or detection of deception. 

Investigators that know the business are great at getting information about a variety of subjects such as including fraud, death investigations, elder abuse, computer crimes, email tracing sex crimes and a host of others. 

One of the biggest barriers that we encounter is overcoming the misconception that many people have about what a private investigator does. We don’t all lurk around trying to find what husband or wife is cheating on each other or what boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on each other. As a matter of fact, some investigators don’t advertise that they handle domestic cases. That’s not to say that they don’t. They are just not interested in getting in between adults that are having relationship problems. If the couple has gotten past that stage and has engaged an attorney or has filed a petition for divorce, then that’s a different story. Modern ­day investigators do not reflect Hollywood characters such as Sam Spade or Matlock and there are numerous television programs that just love to catch cheating lovers. Chances are the next time you are sitting in a restaurant enjoying a nice meal and good conversation, there could be some type of investigator within “ears ­reach” of you or observing someone close by. In order to remain inconspicuous, private detectives always dress accordingly and use props that enable them to blend in with their surroundings. A good detective will have the ability to quickly adapt  to a specific environment, or engage an associate who may be better suited for the task. 


Did you know?:

  • Did you know that it was a Private Investigator that provided Michael Jackson’s defense team with the real story on his accuser’s past? 
  • I recently worked a death case where I corroborated the suicide findings; however I identified the possible cause as a well known drug that is currently in litigation   because of the “many deaths it has caused”. 
  • A Private Investigator recently investigated injuries to a Power & Light worker. The woman was merely doing her job when she was attacked by four pit bull dogs last year. The settlement was a whopping $1 million. 
  • A Private Investigator was able to uncover evidence that had been intentionally withheld by prosecutors in the death penalty case of a robbery/homicide case. The          investigation led to identifying a second related person and the sentence was reversed.  He is now a life prisoner, not a death row inmate. 
  • A Private Investigator wouldn’t accept the initial findings into a physician performing unnecessary surgery on a 16 year old girl. The result was an award of almost  $800,000.
  • I found over $506,000 in assets hidden by a defendant in a civil case.
  • We uncovered the deceptive medical practice direction that claimed to be a physician but in reality, had never been to medical school and had served time for his false claims.

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