Cold Case Investigations

September 20, 2019

finger prints in cold case investigations

If you or a loved one of yours was the victim of a crime that was never solved by law enforcement, it can be easy to give up hope that the criminal will ever be brought to justice. Fortunately, that is not always true. While law enforcement officials often do not have the resources to reopen cold cases, a dedicated private investigator can take a closer look at that case and possibly bring you the closure you need.

Contrary to what you see on television, private investigators and law enforcement officers work as partners to solve cold cases. Both of these entities care about the truth coming out and justice being served, so it is beneficial to both parties to work together. One of the primary benefits of hiring a private investigator to look into a case is that investigator can provide a fresh perspective when examining the events and the evidence in play. 

Private investigators often revisit officer narratives, re-interview witnesses and family members and analyze what each person has to say individually and as a whole case. Law enforcement officers are flooded with tips when a case comes to their desks, so sometimes those tips or leads get overlooked. A private investigator’s job is to follow all of those leads that were initially deemed unimportant to determine if there were any leads worth pursuing. If the private investigator on the cold case does indeed find a lead that is credible, they are able to work with law enforcement officers to gather evidence and question anyone involved.

If the crime you are asking a private investigator to look into has not been solved for many years, you can expect the cold case investigation to take several months or even up to a year to complete. While you can rest assured that your private investigator is dedicated to solving your cold case, you cannot expect the investigation to be closed in an expedited manner. Cold cases are cold cases because there was not enough evidence for the justice system to convict any one individual, so you must be prepared for the possibility that the case might never be solved. 

If you are hiring a private investigator, like one at Arkansas Investigations, to look into a cold case for you, you should be prepared to hand over any and all information about the case that you have on hand. You want to give your private investigator as much information as possible to solve the case, so please do not hold anything back. Document the initial efforts that law enforcement officers made so that your private investigator does not waste time following useless leads and be 100% transparent to give your private investigator–and you–the best chance at finding closure.

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