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October 20, 2019

finger prints in cold case investigations

How do you catch a cheating spouse?

There are probably hundreds of ways and some are pretty ingenious. Most of them are really quite simple, provided you know what you are doing. Generally, it’s not as easy as just going out and finding your spouse in the bed with a paramour. That’s great for the movies. Besides, they have to solve their case within 42 minutes (commercials excluded). As a general rule we don’t operate that fast, although it’s happened a couple of times. 

Once you select your investigator you need to provide them with all the information you have. Don’t pick and choose selective bits of information. Sometimes cases are solved as a result of one piece of seemingly innocuous information. We need to know everything and we’ll figure out the best approach. 

Should you have an attorney involved? That’s a debatable question. Some clients already have attorney’s when they come to us (or are referred to us by the attorney). Some prefer to see if they can gather enough evidence before they retain an attorney. Our position is that if you hire us it’s our goal to have the evidence for you to take to an attorney before you spend the money to retain him/her. There are circumstances where that’s not prudent so our best suggestion is to call and we can discuss what’s best for you. There’s no charge for a consultation. 

What methods so we use? Obviously, we’re not going to give away all the trade secrets and maybe we need to try a new approach to your particular problem. We’ve had clients that have come to us as many as three times over several years when a cheating spouse picks up old, bad habits again. Each situation required using different tactics. It might be surveillance, it might be making contact with the cheating spouse directly, it might be using other undercover methods. Again, no one solution fits all cases. 

A majority of time the solution is a surveillance. Surveillances can be tedious and fraught with problems. Watching someone that lives in a country setting is significantly different than watching someone in town. We often employ using several surveillance agents at the same time or swapping out over a span of several days. 

Other tactics are available. Our job is to get you the best possible result at the lowest cost over the shortest time span.

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