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Praise for Arkansas Investigations from regional and national organizations.

I highly recommend the team at Arkansas Investigations.  Their investigators are responsive, professional, passionate, and committed to understanding the issue at hand and producing results.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the team and hope to again!

Jane Pucher

Innocence Project, NY, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and Arkansas Investigations for the outstanding work performed by the staff after we retained your services regarding some issues at our business.

There is no question that we would not have obtained some of the information necessary to our case had it not been for the interviews conducted on witnesses by Arkansas Investigations. The tactics used for a hard to serve Defendant by thinking outside the box allowed us successful service on someone we did not think would be able to be served.

You and all the staff were always there to answer questions no matter what time of day and we were kept informed at each step of the investigation. Your patience and understanding of our delicate situation was another indication of how things were handled perfectly.

Without a doubt, if we ever have additional needs for a private investigator, Arkansas Investigations will be the first and only company we would turn to.


Little Rock, AR

The City of England recently used the services of Arkansas Investigations. We asked Mr. West to run background checks in some candidates for our Chief of Police position. The hiring committee felt that the reports provided were a vital key in making the right choice for the Citizens of England. The City of England would recommend their services to anyone and feel assured that when the need arises we will use them in the future.

James M. Wallace, III

Mayor of the City of England

I’m very encouraged by your professionalism. It’s not always easy to come by.

William Shanks, Lead Investigator

Marksmen Inc., Glendale, CA

We hired Arkansas Investigations to conduct a rather detailed and sensitive due diligence investigation when we were seeking to do business in a new partnership that we believed would have potentially had a significant and positive effect on our business. They quickly discovered countless issues that could have seriously adversely affected the overall business practice including previous improper activities as well as accusations of misconduct. His research spanned several years and multiple states. Mr West quickly and efficiently got the answers we needed and provided the documentation in a logical and straightforward way. We were able to make a unified decision as a result. I highly recommend his services to any business seeking answers to difficult questions.

Larry W. Balmer, CCP-P

Compliance Officer, HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer

I recently had an opportunity to refer an investigation to your firm and based upon the outstanding work that was completed; it is with ease that I write this letter of appreciation and recommendation.  The investigation that we referred to you was on behalf of a valued client and involved a complicated, corporate fraud situation. 

I want to compliment you on the immediate attention that you gave to this investigation.  I was grateful for the constant updates which enabled me to keep our client apprised of new developments.  Your investigation and attention to detail exceed our expectations and allowed us to provide our client with a professional work product that will support their future civil action. 

Utilizing surveillance, undercover operations and through due diligence searches, you were able to obtain information that surpassed our initial requirements.  I must also mention that your ability to complete this assignment below the planned budget is also greatly appreciated.

Be assured that in the future, you will be our first contact for any investigative assignments in Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana.

Best regards,

William D. Hickman Chief Operating Officer

Gentile-Meinert & Associates, Inc.

My client was thrilled at the work in Arkansas and Oklahoma accomplished by your firm and so was I. Excellent work!! Thank you so much…. I will look forward to using you again.

Harriet Gold

Gold Investigations

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for a job well done. The work you performed in my personal case proves that you are truly an outstanding private investigator.  Your experience and professionalism had a tremendous impact on the outcome of my personal case. Your dedication to the case was above and beyond the call of duty. There was never a moment you were not available to me to answer any question I may have had. The research you performed was perfect and the assistance you provided with obtaining all the evidence needed for my case was extremely important in winning my case in federal court.

Words can never express how much your efforts meant to me and how it created a positive outcome in my case. I would highly recommend you to anyone and in the future I will definitely use your service again.

Zak Zacharia, Owner

Zacharia Private Investigations, CA

I have found working with Michael and his team at Arkansas Investigations to be a real asset to my business. They are very easy to work with, intuitive to the core needs of my clients, and their work product really raises the bar in this profession. I look forward to working with them again.

Paul Littrell, Jr., President, Stratejic, LLC

The Witness|Mining(TM) Authority.

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