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Our Founder, Michael West

Arkansas Investigations was founded by Michael West who has over 38 years experience as an investigator, trainer and speaker. He holds A.A., B.S. and M.S. degrees as well as several credits toward his doctoral degree.

He has attended over 45 specialized training and educational programs in addition to 20+ CPE training hours per year. Over the past few years, he has: investigated Workers Compensation, unexplained deaths, and various levels of fraud, insurance investigations and interviews; conducted record and asset searches, hundreds of background investigations, mystery shopper assignments, police misconduct, public integrity investigations, police department investigations, and domestic investigations. In addition, he has addressed child custody issues, investigated stolen property crimes, and a host of other types of investigations, in addition to spending hundreds of hours recording and photographing discreet surveillances.

He has also conducted and managed investigations ranging from simple assaults to international drug smuggling cases, sex crimes, homicide, and national security matters.

The Most Experienced PI in Arkansas

As a Certified Fraud Examiner, an experienced legal investigator and Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, he is experienced in local, state, federal, Department of Justice, private enterprise, corporate security, and Department of Defense(DoD) issues.

Some of his most notable investigations include:

  • the investigation of the 144 sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy
  • oversight of the Iraqi POW abuse investigations
  • development of the Department of Defense Oversight Policy on Domestic Violence
  • evaluation of Department of Defense investigator training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
  • investigation of 179 healthcare fraud co-conspirators with hundreds of millions of dollars loss
  • several Qui Tam investigations worth millions of dollars
  • counter terrorism and double-agent espionage cases

His specialties include computer crimes and fraud; developing and teaching several courses on both topics. He has been credentialed to conduct National Security background investigations and Public Trust investigations for highly sensitive security clearances and government positions and projects, including applicants, managers, and executives.

He has investigated allegations into ethics violations, corporate fraud, procurement fraud, medical fraud and conducted undercover operations. He is a former computer forensics examiner who also has conducted detailed analysis and data-mining of millions of Medicare records for healthcare fraud investigations.

Michael West has worked on mutual investigations with the FBI, CIA, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Georgia Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory and the National Media Exploitation Center, and others.

He has taught a variety of subjects at several law enforcement academies, the Department of Justice’s National Advocacy Center and at the National White Collar Crime Center. He’s helped develop the prosecution strategy for the prosecution of a nationwide medical fraud investigation involving over 179 co-conspirators and has reviewed hundreds of medical records for improper billing and improper charges. He has conducted threat assessments for high profile individuals, conducted vulnerability surveys and intrusion evaluations into highly guarded and secure facilities, and has evaluated physical structures for security threats. He offers seven courses which have been approved by the Arkansas Supreme Court for Certified Legal Education (CLE) credits for attorneys.

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