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Attorney Testimonials

"We used other companies to attempt service on an individual who was clearly evading us, and you were able to get them served in 1 day – you are truly amazing!
Barron & Tucker, P.A.
Little Rock, AR

 “As an attorney, I have found Arkansas Investigations to be a very valuable tool for my practice. Not only is their reporting concise, on-time and usable, the written format is exceedingly professional. They are very prepared for trial and present cogent and intelligible testimony. 

Perhaps I am most pleased with their use of creative and innovative investigative methods employed with several difficult cases. These “out of the box” approached obtained useful results! In short, I highly recommend them.”

– Richard E. Worsham, Worsham Law Firm, P.A.
Little Rock, AR

Your work has been just stellar, Michael. I deeply appreciate it. I will have you on speed dial and recommend you heartily to anyone seeking assistance in AR, but it seems you do a wide range of southern states?

- Karen Thompson, Staff Attorney, Innocence Project
New York, NY 10013

Michael, I thought you might like to see the results from your good work on this case. This is my first experience with a certified fraud examiner but it won't be my last. Thanks for your help.

We were able to come to a settlement as well as a recommendation on the criminal proceedings involved in this fraud. We were able to obtain a settlement for $135,000 including $7000 in cash, distribution of $26,500 from this person's profit sharing proceeds, repayment of $50,000 from sale of the house and a monthly payment schedule. We're also recommending a ten year suspended sentence subject to the terms of our agreement.

Steve Napper, Attorney
Little Rock, AR

"I told my client: "This is the best money you have spent."

– Henry Hodges, Attorney
Little Rock, AR

“I’ve worked closely with Mr West and his agency, Arkansas Investigations, for at least the last 2 years. His aggressive and determined investigations have served me and my clients very well. He is creative and doesn’t give up. His clear, concise and user friendly reports present a remarkably professional product that are usable by clients and quickly accepted in court. I have no hesitation about recommending him to my clients and I do recommend him to my contemporaries. You would do well by using his services.”

– Kathy Louise Hall, Attorney at Law
Little Rock, AR (501) 376-1911

"We received the signed paperwork from *******! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
We appreciate your help immensely!
Kind regards"

– Heidi R. Jamison, CP, Certified Paralegal/Pro Bono Coordinator
Legal Aid of Arkansas (479) 442-0600

“You and your staff did an excellent job and I am very pleased with your work. I recognize that you did more work than you anticipated.”

– Morris W. Thompson, Attorney at Law
Little Rock, AR (501) 661-8100

We recently hired Arkansas Investigations to help us find assets of a company (and their officers) in an effort to enforce a judgement exceeding $500,000. We were delighted when we were ultimately successful in recovering the majority of the outstanding judgment. The diligence and resourcefulness of Michael West and his team were essential to our success. - William Z. White, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Heber Springs, AR (501) 365-3934

"... Thank you for your efforts and your expertise in this matter. We could not have got the case negotiated without your efforts."

J.G., Attorney

Thanks to you guys, we got our defendant served timely. "We find answers" indeed!

S. Taylor Chaney
Chaney Law Firm, P.A.

Arkadelphia, AR (870) 246-0600

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BusinessBusiness Testimonials

"My client was thrilled at the work in Arkansas and Oklahoma accomplished by your firm and so was I. Excellent work!! Thank you so much.... I will look forward to using you again."

- Harriet Gold
Gold Investigations

"I recently had an opportunity to refer an investigation to your firm and based upon the outstanding work that was completed; it is with ease that I write this letter of appreciation and recommendation.  The investigation that we referred to you was on behalf of a valued client and involved a complicated, corporate fraud situation. 

I want to compliment you on the immediate attention that you gave to this investigation.  I was grateful for the constant updates which enabled me to keep our client apprised of new developments.  Your investigation and attention to detail exceed our expectations and allowed us to provide our client with a professional work product that will support their future civil action. 

Utilizing surveillance, undercover operations and through due diligence searches, you were able to obtain information that surpassed our initial requirements.  I must also mention that your ability to complete this assignment below the planned budget is also greatly appreciated.

Be assured that in the future, you will be our first contact for any investigative assignments in Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana.

Best regards,"

– William D. Hickman
Chief Operating Officer
Gentile-Meinert & Associates, Inc.

“The City of England recently used the services of Arkansas Investigations. We asked Mr. West to run background checks in some candidates for our Chief of Police position. The hiring committee felt that the reports provided were a vital key in making the right choice for the Citizens of England. The City of England would recommend their services to anyone and feel assured that when the need arises we will use them in the future.“

– James M. Wallace, III
Mayor of the City of England

“During the past few years, I have utilized the services of Michael West for the background information used to hire our executive staff, for background checks on potential clients, and for information to collect bad debts.

He has amazed me with the amount and type information uncovered, and, with the speed it has been presented to us. The reports are very thorough and easy to understand. They give us the tools we need to make out corporate decisions. Michael is also accessible and responsive, whether by phone or email. Not only does he maintain a professional manner with us, but our prospective executive staff members have commented on how easy he was to work with and acted in a very respectful way to then.

It has become very evident to me that Michael does not just go through a check list of activities to sell his services, but is intent on getting the proper information his clients may need. He provides value for the services he delivers. I have come to consider Michael West a trusted advisor and highly recommend him to anyone needing information to make sound decisions.”

– James K. Smith, II, President
Keith Smith Company, LLC, Hot Springs, AR

“We hired Arkansas Investigations to conduct a rather detailed and sensitive due diligence investigation when we were seeking to do business in a new partnership that we believed would have potentially had a significant and positive effect on our business. They quickly discovered countless issues that could have seriously adversely affected the overall business practice including previous improper activities as well as accusations of misconduct. His research spanned several years and multiple states. Mr West quickly and efficiently got the answers we needed and provided the documentation in a logical and straightforward way. We were able to make a unified decision as a result. I highly recommend his services to any business seeking answers to difficult questions."

– Larry W. Balmer, CCP-P
Compliance Officer, HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for a job well done. The work you performed in my personal case proves that you are truly an outstanding private investigator.  Your experience and professionalism had a tremendous impact on the outcome of my personal case. Your dedication to the case was above and beyond the call of duty. There was never a moment you were not available to me to answer any question I may have had. The research you performed was perfect and the assistance you provided with obtaining all the evidence needed for my case was extremely important in winning my case in federal court.

Words can never express how much your efforts meant to me and how it created a positive outcome in my case. I would highly recommend you to anyone and in the future I will definitely use your service again.”

– Zak Zacharia, Owner
Zacharia Private Investigations, CA

I'm very encouraged by your professionalism. It's not always easy to come by.

– William Shanks, Lead Investigator
Marksmen Inc., Glendale, CA

I have found working with Michael and his team at Arkansas Investigations to be a real asset to my business. They are very easy to work with, intuitive to the core needs of my clients, and their work product really raises the bar in this profession. I look forward to working with them again.

Paul Littrell, Jr., President, Stratejic, LLC
The Witness|Mining(TM) Authority.

Read the Member-News article published on the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce's website on Dec 10, 2009 about our fast response and service. Click here for a link.

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personalPersonal Testimonials

I cannot thank you enough for your help. Even though my case was extremely small, you treated it as if it were the most important one you had. Your thoroughness and professionalism enabled me to resolve my situation quickly and without fuss. I feel that I got far more than I paid for. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone seeking the services of a private investigator.
WER – Jacksonville, AR

Michael J. West came into my defense team towards the later part of a 1.5 year long investigative and legal process, but was unquestionably one of the main pillars that led to my full acquittal. As soon as Mike came on board he quickly went to work with my defense lawyers to receive copies of all evidence and interview videos which he used to dissect the dynamics of my case. Mike's analysis and personal understanding of 0SI's investigative processes was invaluable to my legal defense team in identifying
critical areas for defense, counter arguments, cross examination development and in identifying the violation of my 4th and 6th Constitutional Amendment Rights. I ultimately faced 2 charges, one each of Article 120b (with 4 specifications) and 134 of the UCMJ. Hiring Michael West to work with my legal defense team provided professional perspective and insight that saved my 18 year military career, integrity of my family, financial future and allowed the truth to emerge in a case that was based on a lot of accusations and no hard facts. I would recommend working with Michael and found him to be a fair and upfront professional who is worth the money spent to protect my life.

Withheld on Request (available for review)
Ramstein Germany

It is with a sense of great gratitude that I write to you to commend you and your team for the excellent service you have provided me.  I see how thrilling such a profession can be but it is also obvious that great discipline and patience are hallmarks of your trade.  You have provided me with the information that I needed to assist in my child custody case.  I had good faith in you as you were able to guide my expectations and provide the expertise necessary to get the information needed to assist me.  I am truly appreciative of your kind efforts.  I needed the evidence you gathered for me which I could not have otherwise have obtained from any other source.  You are the ultimate professional.  I would choose no one but you to represent me in the future.  I feel compelled to write here because more people need to know about the great work you do. Thank you from the depths of my heart. 

Sincerely Dr. AC, Little Rock, AR

Mike recently assisted me with a family law matter that resulted in a criminal charge.  He provided the groundwork and supported me through the entire process with relentless and exceptional professionalism.   I want to express my particular gratitude for the services provided and let everyone that I was 100% satisfied.  Furthermore, the attorney that he recommended was nothing short of extraordinary.  Mr. Richard Turbeville was prompt and to the point and am grateful for his persistence and knowledge that he possessed.  No call went unanswered and he took the time to answer all my questions with concise information.  I feel that he more than adequately represented my case and received paramount results.  The case was DISMISSED!

R.S., Cabot, Arkansas

I unexpectedly received a notice in the mail about some funds that were left in an account by my late father. The "firm" that contacted me wanted to charge around 30% of the value of the account to return the funds to me, which could have been located in any banking institution across the United States. I contacted Michael West to do some digging for me and the account was located very quickly. In less than a week, I had the check in hand for the full value of the account ($66,890). I highly recommend Arkansas Investigations!

-SW, Little Rock, Arkansas

"I contacted Michael about my child custody case. I am a single father who was trying to gain custody of my son. I knew it would be hard for a man to do this but Mike was willing to help and was always available to talk to me and give me advice as needed. He went above and beyond my expectations and we ultimately were able to convince the court that I was the logical parent to provide the best care for my son. This was because of the hard work on Mike's part. I highly recommend you contact Mike and see what he can offer you. His expertise encompasses a ton of knowledge and he will be there for you too.

I asked that my name be withheld from being posted on the internet but if you ask Mike for a way to contact me he has my permission get you the details. "

WPC, Little Rock, AR

"It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend you as a Private Investigator.  I never thought I would have to hire a private investigator, but there came a point that I needed answers, and knew I would need help in finding them.  After searching the Internet, I came across your website and was impressed with your references.  Since it was Sunday, I doubted anyone would answer my phone call, but to my surprise you picked up right away and answered in person.  From first contact, your kindness and calmness was apparent.   You patiently .... (click to see entire letter)
- SC, Little Rock, AR

"The short of the story is that our son missing for over 10 years called us on Christmas Day. We hope to visit with him in the spring."

– Alan and Mary Lynch
Cabot, Arkansas

"Thank you so much for your amazing service! My attorney..."
S.L.H. Atlanta, GA.

"My husband and I engaged Michael West several years ago, when we realized we suddenly needed an investigator in Arkansas.  We live in Tennessee, and it was unsettling for us to rely on someone we’d never met.  Our internet search yielded impressive qualifications and remarks regarding Arkansas Investigations, and we decided to take a chance with him and his company.  That was a good decision! 

Mike listened to us, offered suggestions, and proceeded to work with us in a totally professional and trustworthy manner.  He not only was able to get the information we needed at the time, but he was also there for us when we later needed his personal testimony in court.  He has now helped us several times, and it’s a good feeling to have the confidence and trust in him that we’ve developed over the years. 

Mike and Arkansas Investigations have excellent ethical standards.  We’ve never felt the gut-churning suspicion that we weren’t being taken seriously, or that we were being taken advantage of.

We can fully recommend Mike and Arkansas Investigations to anyone needing his services.  These are good folks, and extremely competent people!"

- G. Pal and Ann Owen, MD
Murfreesboro, TN

It’s funny to think that at any time you would need the help of a Private Investigator. It seems like it’s something that other people do, not you right? But when you need one, you know it and I can tell you that there is no better person to hire than Michael West and his team.

I contacted Michael under very unusual circumstances, I needed them to investigate a story about the death of two children. Both Mike and Stacey were instantly committed to helping me uncover the truth. They worked tirelessly to help me get to the truth. They worked diligently to find the answers that we knew had to be out there.

Since I am in Illinois and they are in Arkansas I was clearly taking a risk trusting an Investigator not to just run up my bill knowing I would not be able to know the difference. Mike was always upfront about how much money I was going to have to spend, he never surprised me with charges that I was not expecting.

I cannot recommend both Mike and Stacy enough. You can trust them, count on them and I guarantee you they will give you the answers to your problems. Michael West and his team are the ones I would want by my side.”

Kim Krollman
Village of Lakewood, Illinois

"I felt comfortable with the staff of Arkansas Investigations from the very beginning.  Never having needed an investigative service before I was unsure of how to proceed but the team at AI answered all my questions and put me at ease.  I was updated regularly on the facts of their extensive and thorough research and dedication to the job at hand always checking and rechecking all their findings paying close attention to detail.  Any time I phoned with a question it was answered professionally and efficiently. Brilliant minds and caring hearts."

– Sandra B*******
Smithers, British Columbia

... as a former network security engineer (firewall, vpn implementation and ethical penetration testing) I am impressed with your level of online sophistication. I'm sure it is part of the job these days but the implementation of your website, online contact, right signature processing, communication, billing and service is superb. Thank you.

Kevin Irwin
Little Rock, AR

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maritalMarital Testimonials

I believe Arkansas Investigations is by far the best in the business. I hired several private investigators and I was unable to get any usable information for my custody case from them prior to finding Michael and his team. Michael took my case, he took my calls all hours of the night, he was extremely responsive when opportunity presented itself for last minute evidence collection, and most importantly Michael and his team got the job done when no one else could for me. This is by far the best money I have ever spent on my custody battle. Michaels willingness to work along side me was amazing! The evidence collected at key times in this report, usually last minute, have enabled me to tie so much other evidence together and prove the true nature of life for my daughter while in Arkansas. This would have been impossible to prove had Michael not been so detailed and responsive to my needs. I cannot thank the team at Arkansas Investigations enough, their work completely changed the course of my custody battle.

Name withheld pending Court

August 2016:  I was lost when my wife asked me for a divorce.   As a military member, I was 12 hours away from family and friends; geographically separated from the very people that I would normally turn to for advice and support.  I had vague concerns about the motivation behind my wife's sudden desire to end the marriage, but I didn't quite know where to start.  I came across Arkansas Investigation during an internet search, and, not long after, was sitting in Michael West's office pouring my heart out.  From the start, Michael West took me under his wing and gave me sound direction and advice in preparation for the divorce and the custody battle that would ultimately follow.   You see, this is what distinguishes Michael West from other investigators.  Michael doesn't just do the minimum necessary to earn your fee; Michael listens to your story and then works with you to identify your goals and helps you achieve them.  Michael's expert guidance and assistance didn't extend just to the investigative process.  As the divorce process progressed, Michael also referred me to attorney Bonnie Robertson for representation.  Fast forward 8 months later, my divorce is final and I was awarded full legal and physical custody of my children.   Michael West was instrumental in leading me to a positive outcome in this situation.  He was spot on with all recommendations, he was timely, he always answered his phone, he skillfully anticipated the direction my case would take and made sure I had the information necessary for a successful outcome.  I trust Michael West and recommend him without reservation.   Thanks to Michael, I will leave Arkansas for my next military assignment WITH my children.  Just doesn't get any better than that, ever!!!!!

withheld for privacy


Michael West of Arkansas Investigations was an intrigal part in my son obtaining custody of his three children. Within days of the first contact, Michael was in our town and within hours of arriving, he was able to take excellent photos of exactly what we needed for an upcoming custody hearing. In fact, they were so good that the defendant in the case, after finding out about the pictures, declined to go before the Judge and the divorce/custody/settlement was finalized....BUSTED!!

Expert legal representation and expert private investigation are expensive, but when custody counts, NOTHING is more important. I would highly recommend Michael West for any type of investigation. Michael and my son's attorney were worth every penny.

I am withholding my name ONLY because of an agreement made between the parties. I would proudly proclaim my name and show his findings if I could.
– sb
Malvern, AR

“When I began my quest to get custody of my daughter I had an insurmountable task. I hired Arkansas Investigations to help me gain evidence and obtain custody, despite the uphill battle. I had initially hired a private investigator who charged me a low fee. Looking for a bargain, I didn’t realize you get what you pay for. A month later and no evidence to help me at all. I took my attorney’s recommendation and hired Michael West, owner of Arkansas Investigations. Over the next several months he obtained enough evidence where my ex-wife capitulated and I walked out of the courtroom a victor.

What really impressed me was his creative approach to the investigation. He was always willing to respond to my needs, often on short notice. There were several occasions when I would call late at night and he was always available to me.

He was able to help select the best witnesses for my case and eliminate those that were not effective. His reports (excluding videos and photographs) was an impressive 269 pages in length. It was very readable and concise, including a table of contents, table of figures and a detailed index. Looking at any of the many events and incidents this lengthy investigation was a breeze using his report style.

I highly recommend Arkansas Investigations for any of your investigative needs. He was great to work with and will do the same for you.”

– Les Chalfant
Jacksonville, AR

“My son was confronted with the extremely difficult task of receiving custody of his daughter in a divorce. Mile West was able to compile overwhelming factual information that allowed my son to negotiate a divorce settlement favorable to him and receive unchallenged Physical Custody of his daughter. Courts recognize fact and fact only. Mike was able to produce mountains of such facts. The investigative means he used were quite impressive. Additionally, he was easy to work with during our time of stress.

We initially hired an investigator that was 1/3rd the hourly cost of Mike. However, results were non existent. We then hired Michael West to reverse this trend and he did. So, if results are what you desire than Michael West is your Man.

If I ever have a future need for investigative services, I know who I intend to call, Mike.”

– Leslie V. Chalfant
Cabot, AR

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speakerSpeaker Testimonials

“Michael West’s presentation at the 2008 Arkansas Chapter of CFEs Fraud Conference was exceptional. Attendees responded that the presentation was well delivered, relevant and very professional. I recommend Michael as presenter on fraud detection and deterrence matters.”

– Jerry E. Spratt, CPA, CFE, CFF, CFSA, CGFM
President, Arkansas Chapter of CFEs

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