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Police Use of Force InvestigationsLegal Investigative Services: Police Use of Force

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Police abuses of their Use of Force policies affect us all. Police officers have a hard job but when they overextend their authority or take advantage of that authority to the detriment of the public they are supposed to protect, we get involved. Overly aggressive police actions happen every day. Civil rights investigations are not restricted to race alone. Police officers are public officials and just like every other public official, they should be held to a higher standard then the general public. Police officers who condone improper or illegal actions by their co-workers are violating their oath of office and are just as guilty as the corrupt officer. They should be accountable too.

Any person can suffer abuse by overly zealous law enforcement or police actions.

  • A person could be arrested for "contempt of cop", which simply means that the police officer didn't like their attitude or they felt the person should have responded a different way.
  • In the 'heat' of a police pursuit emotions run high. It's happened before and it's happened here in Arkansas. Police arrest someone after a pursuit and get overly aggressive in the physical arrest and, as a result, someone gets injured when they shouldn't have been.
  • Police officers might bully a person into agreeing to do something against their best interest
  • Some type of action might have been taken against which was discriminatory

Police Use of Force investigationIf you feel you or your client is victim of such actions, give us a call. We are professionals who know what must be done in order to prove your case. As an Experienced Legal Investigator, I can help you prepare your case.

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