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MitigationLegal Services: Mitigation Investigation

Our job is to find the answers you need.

As Experienced Legal Investigators, we know the importance of looking beyond the obvious. We can help you gain information that can help your case. We comply with the Supplementary Guidelines for the Mitigation Function of Defense Teams in Death Penalty Cases established by the American Bar Association. Familiar with the requirements of Rule 37, Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure, we focus on providing fast and quality service for your client.

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We help you:

Look for substantive reasons which may have contributed to a client's actions.

  • Was your client severely abused as a child?
  • Was he/she victim of severe maltreatment?
  • Did this cause or contribute to his/her actions?

Our Services:

  • Witness interviews
  • Trademark searches and verification
  • Record documentation
  • Mystery shopping
  • Facility inspections
  • Site visitation
  • Witness interviews that verify information and uncover the truth
  • Obtain statements and testimonies
  • Video and Photographic documentation and intelligence
  • discreet surveillance
  • Accident and claims investigations
  • Death interviews for compliance with policy provisions
  • Find details of the opposing party
  • Locates witnesses and victims
  • Interviews of witnesses and victims
  • Find history of witnesses and previous testimonies
  • mitigation specialistsIdentify environmental influences
  • Reconstruction of accident scene
  • Find details about plaintiffs and their history
  • Locate people
  • Litigation preparation
  • Develop interrogatories
  • Legal interviews
  • Jury consulting


You will be able to have a stronger defense that brings justice for your client through:

  • Information learned about your client that will aid in their defense
  • A greater understanding of the psychology of your client’s actions through the eyes of those that know him/her
  • Uncovered details that might not otherwise be discovered
  • Additional information obtained from many types of sources
  • Additional information that is beyond the obvious
  • Well-written reports, clearly conveying details that you can count on
  • Details that might not otherwise be discovered
  • Information obtained from people who would generally not talk or reveal information

fact determinationWhen experience counts:

Our vast experience ranges from talking to witnesses, victims, suspects and accused persons in all types of cases. We are adept at securing details that might not otherwise be discovered. We know how to get people to talk and reveal information.

We’re interested in getting the truth

  • We know how to successfully interview adults, teenagers, juveniles, and children
  • Regardless of their status in life, we're completely comfortable interviewing the professional doctor, lawyer, CPA, high-level government official, or the apprentice landscaper or mechanic

We provide you:

  • Prompt and timely attention to your case because you are our most important client
  • Answers to your pressing questions
  • Experienced report writing skills that convey exhaustive details clearly using standardized (and proven) report formats
  • Complete and thorough services from intake to final disposition of your case
  • Ethical, professional, competent, and innovative investigation and litigation support
  • 24-hour-a day access

For a FREE consultation call us 24-hours-a day at 1-501-372-2202 or e-mail us.


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