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Charities and organizations that make our lives better and more rewarding are having a hard time raising funds. We all recognize that charitable contributions are down. Arkansas Investigations cares about and supports the community in which we live and work.  We have initiated a program to assist local charities where we donate a percentage of the proceeds from every investigative case that we work for a client to the charity of that client’s choice. 

We have selected 7 charities that were nominated by our clients. These charities represent local organizations and other more nationally recognized charities that rely on donations. Those charities selected are:
- CASA (Pulaski County)
- The C.A.L.L. in Lonoke County
- The Wade Knox Foundation
- Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence
- Arkansas Children's Hospital
- Arkansas Camp Quality
- Susan G. Komen Foundation

“Arkansas Investigations is excited to launch this program and support our community during this economic downfall.” says Michael West, Founder of Arkansas Investigations. "We are hoping to share their story with everyone in order to bring awareness to the community." 

If you would like to help us support the community or you want additional information about this program, please call us and we'll do our best to answer your questions.  

Please let us know if there is some way we can help you. You can reach us at 1-501-605-0360 or email us at

We will be adding more information about this program as it develops. Stay tuned for more!

Support Camp Quality Support CASA Support The CALL Support Wade Knox FoundationSupport Arkansas Children's Hospital Support the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence
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